• Friday, October 6, 2023


    Yogi tea quote:  "Let your need be to help those in need."


    Happy Friday and welcome October!  It is Fall but not feeling cool lately!  This week was great working in the garden.  We planted our marigolds, kale and swiss chard.   They looked a little small, but hopefully they will grow!  Miss Makenzie did a silly hat project with pipe cleaners and a colander.  On Friday we made some super chocolaty brownies to celebrate the end of the week!


    Stay cool this weekend and have a good one!!!

  • Friday, October 20, 2023


    Yogi tea quote:  "Nature teaches us harmony."


    Happy Friday lovely family and friends!   It's been a nice warm week and we had a great visit with Miss Judy, our speech therapist.  She read a book about dinosaurs and then we made a dinosaur scene.  Ms. Dalbesio the music teacher stopped by with her band to give a little performance.  We had a fun lesson about giving directions and following directions. The students did really well.  Going with our physical science theme and learning about gravity, we made a marble run!


    Have a happy weekend.