• Friday, May 17, 2024


    Yogi tea quote:  "Smiling is the most basic kind of peace work."


    Happy Friday!!!  This month our life science unit will be about plants in gardens and fields.  We are doing a little experiment with growing seeds in plastic bags tapped on the window.   Apparently, they need sunlight and water to grow.  We shall see!  We stopped by Ms. Pozzi's class for some fun this month and finished our art lessons with Miss Zoe.  


    GO GIANTS!!!!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Friday, May 31, 2024


    Yogi tea quote:  "May this day be the day to lead us to peace, to happiness, and to joy."


    Helloooooo Friday!!!!!   Ten more days of school left, but who's counting!   We have been having fun with plants this week.  Measuring the beans growing in the window, having fun with the leadership students, and cutting veggies!  Looks to be a beautiful weekend.   Enjoy!