Marin's Community School

Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    To empower each other to follow our passions and lead purposeful lives.


    We will prepare ALL students with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for success in college, career, and life. By deeply engaging each student through personalized learning experiences, our students will master rigorous academic content and develop skills for the modern workplace. Our students will become conscientious global citizens as they solve real world problems and strengthen their connections to other people and the environment. Through our collaborative, supportive, and inclusive environment, our diverse students will develop their social and emotional skills and find individual pathways to achieve their goals.  

    Our Values

    • In Lak'EchRelationships, love, trust, belonging… all of these values and more contribute to the meaning of In Lak’ech. In Lak’ech describes the role we play in the lives of those around us, and the impact others have on our own lives. Our community uses this philosophy as a guide to create a culture of understanding and acceptance, and to broaden our perspective of the world.
    • Empowerment: Our community believes that everyone can achieve at high levels and pursue their own definition of success. We value the strengths that each member of our community brings to the table. We gain confidence to take action and try new things as we support and encourage one another.
    • Purpose: By understanding ourselves more deeply, developing an awareness of what we can offer others, and learning what matters most to us, we can cultivate a sense of purpose. This purpose can provide meaning, connection to community members, and a sense of direction as we navigate the world. Connecting with what is relevant to each of us can be a powerful force that motivates us to be the best version of ourselves.
    • Growth: We value the strengths and experiences each individual brings and understand that we cross paths with people at different points in their lives. We practice self-awareness and reflection to continuously improve.

    Student Outcomes


    Profile of a Graduate