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Community Partners

  • Community Partners

    We are fortunate to have a wide range of community partners to support students and their families with the resources and relationships they need to thrive. Please see links to our community partners below:

    Bay Area Community Resources: Provides one on one and group counseling to address issues related to substance use.

    Big Picture Learning: Supports our team as we build our "Learning Through Interest" program. Our school is also a member of the "Upstream Collaborative," a group of alternative school leaders to are reimagining education.

    Huckleberry Youth Program: Provides training and support to empower our students to lead healthy and productive lives.

    Marin Community Clinics: Supports students through "Grupo Fuerte," group counseling in Spanish to support students who have experienced trauma related to immigration.

    Marin County Health and Human Services: Provides on-campus individual counseling for selected students.

    Marin County Probation: Provides on-campus individual counseling, job and internship support, and wrap-around services for students and their families.

    Marin Shakespeare Company: Connects our students with professional artists to enhances our visual and performing arts program 

    Multicultural Center of Marin: Supports our students academically, socially and emotionally during the school day and through our after-school mentorship program.

    New Schools Venture Fund: Provides a network of school leaders across the nation and generous financial support.

    San Rafael Police Department:  Provides support to keep our community safe.

    Sidekick Education: Supports our teachers in developing relevant project-based units that connect to authentic audiences in our community.

    Silicon Schools Fund: Provides a network of innovative school leaders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and generous financial support.