Marin's Community School

Mission and Vision

  • Mission and Vision


    To empower each other to follow our passions and lead purposeful lives.


    We will prepare ALL students with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for success in college, career, and life. By deeply engaging each student through personalized learning experiences, our students will master rigorous academic content and develop skills for the modern workplace. Our students will become conscientious global citizens as they solve real world problems and strengthen their connections to other people and the environment. Through our collaborative, supportive, and inclusive environment, our diverse students will develop their social and emotional skills and find individual pathways to achieve their goals.  At Marin’s Community School, we value:

    • Multiculturalism: Solving complex global problems requires cultural understanding, empathy, and the ability to learn and work with others from diverse backgrounds; as well as a deep connection with one’s own cultural background.

    • Achievement: Educational equity is the foundation of a more just society. With the appropriate support and hard work, we can all achieve at high levels.

    • Resilience: Through robust supports and caring relationships, we can help each other remove barriers to live healthy, purposeful lives.

    • Innovation: Through reflection, collaboration, and creative problem solving, we will continually improve.

    • Networks and Relationships: By developing strong relationships, we can positively change the world. Through our networks and relationships, we will support each other to take positive academic and social risks in school and beyond.

    Student Outcomes

    All students are prepared for success in college and career upon graduation.

    • Academics: Students will master content knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the modern economy.

    • Mindsets, Essential Skills and Habits: In addition to academic mastery, all students will develop the skills of self-efficacy, self-management, growth mindset, and social awareness to enable them to continue to learn as they set and achieve their goals.

    • Personal Goals: All students will identify a postsecondary path to lead a healthy and purposeful life that allows them to follow their passions and become financially independent.