Oracle Independent Study

  • The Oracle Independent Study Program is for students referred from their Districts and is only available as a “last resort” for students who for various reasons cannot attend school full time (5-day program). The program is designed to support students in the 11th and 12th grade whom the district has deemed it is the best place for them and who are close to graduating.

    What does the school schedule look like?

    We currently have two teachers for independent study. Depending on the student's interest, they are scheduled to meet with a teacher once a week for an hour.

    My student has an IEP or an Education Plan?

    If the student is in process of an assessment, we wait until any assessment is completed and work with the IEP or 504 teams to ensure we would be the right placement given the students needs and the services we are able to offer.

    If the student already has an IEP or 504 in place and a referral has been sent, our team will review the referral and documents to see if we are able to provide services. 

Independent Study Option for MCS/Phoenix Students

  • Per AB130, signed into law by Governor Newsome, all students have the option to enroll in independent study instead of our traditional five-day program this year. Please see the guidelines below.

    1. You may inform us at any time that you would like the independent study option. If you do not request independent study, your student will be enrolled in the in-person, five-day per week program.

    2. If you would like to request a meeting with your student and a school representative to discuss this option before you choose, please contact Saul Godinez at 415-491-6613. During this conference you can find more information about all educational options, curriculum, and other non-academic support available to the student.

    3. If you choose to return from independent study to the regular program, we can make the change as quickly as we can, but no longer than five school days after the request. You cannot, however, continue to move back and forth between the programs.

    4. If a student is not engaging in independent study, not submitting work, or not attending weekly meetings, we will attempt to re-engage him or her by:
      1. Verifying contact information for the student and family.
      2. Notifying the family as soon as the student misses a meeting or does not submit work.
      3. Meeting with the student and family to determine a plan of action and to reconsider the placement if the student misses three consecutive meetings or six total meetings in a semester; or if a student does not submit work for three consecutive or six total weeks.

    It is our continued belief that most students are best served in our five-day per week program where they can get the academic and social/emotional support they need. However, some students need the independent study option for multiple reasons, including health concerns.

Collage of pictures of some of the graduates from Oracle


  • I am interested in signing up my student to independent study?
    Please contact Saul Godinez at or by phone at (415) 491-6613

    My student is already enrolled in MCS/Phoenix, how can they participate?
    We will be reaching out to you individually as applicable, but please call if you have any questions, 415-491-0581. We look forward to serving your students for the coming school year, and helping them set and achieve their goals.