Google Classroom Codes

  • If you will be out of the school for quarentine please use the links below to acess your classroom assignments. You can also reach out to your teacher for questions.

    Si va a estar fuera de la escuela por cuarentena, utilice los enlaces a continuación para acceder a sus asignaciones en el aula. También puede comunicarse con su maestro si tiene preguntas.


    Ms. Magaña

    Course description: Integrated Math is a high school–level course that integrates the content of algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra, as defined by the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, under the Common Core State Standards. Students will extend their understanding of numerical manipulation to algebraic manipulation; synthesize understanding of function; deepen and extend understanding of linear and exponential relationships; apply linear and exponential models to data that exhibit linear and exponential trends. Students will be exposed to rich instruction that develops their conceptual understanding, procedural skill, problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and strengthen situational analysis abilities.

    Integrated Math class code: xsrbmzi


    Ms. Hansia                                                    

    Group 1: aqu7u67                                               

    Group 2: dsxf3q4                                                

    Group 3: hsgmzvi                                               

    Group 4: bdkdgby                                              

    Gov/Econ: k4b7eil 



    Mrs. Aguirre

    Group 1: 5dljhqx

    Group 2: 7jm55y5

    Group 3: qnibjwg

    Group 4: qnibjwg


    Mr. Scott

    Group 1: t42cq4b

    Group 2: nxemavo

    Group 3: mnc2xy3

    Group 4: 3f57wox