Environmental Literacy initiative

  • Image of a green field with a bamboo fence



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    Canopy is an environmental nonprofit that plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. Our mission is to grow urban tree canopy in the Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. We offer standards aligned K-12 education programs, that provide hands-on, outdoor activities that spark kids’ curiosity about trees and nature.

    Grade: ECE/K-23-56-89-12Adults
    Experience: ClassroomOut of School Enrichment
    Program Length: 1 Hour2 HoursFull Day
    Cost: FreeFinancial Assistance Available
    EP&C: I.aI.bI.dII.aII.cII.dIII.aIII.bIII.cV.a

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  • Environmental VolunteersEnvironmental Volunteers Logo





    At Environmental Volunteers, we inspire people of all ages to learn about the wonders of the natural world. Our volunteers bring hands-on learning programs into the classroom, and on follow-up field trips, students discover natural science concepts through guided hikes to local nature preserves.

    Grade: ECE/K-23-5
    Experience: ClassroomOutdoor Field TripOut of School Enrichment
    Program Length: 90 Min2 HoursAfter School
    Cost: FeeFinancial Assistance Available
    EP&C: I.aI.bI.dII.aII.bII.cIII.aIII.bIII.cIV.aIV.bV.a

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  • California Academy of Sciences Logo California Academy of Sciences





    The mission of the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) is to explore, explain, and sustain life. The Academy has numerous opportunities and resources for K-12 educators, including field trips, Distance Learning programs, professional development, free science films, lesson plans, science notebooking resources, etc.

    Grade: ECE/K-23-56-89-12Adults
    Experience: ClassroomIndoor Field TripOutdoor Field TripOut of School Enrichment
    Program Length: 30-50 Min1 Hour2 Hours
    Cost: FeeFinancial Assistance Available
    EP&C: I.aI.bII.aII.cIII.aIII.bIII.cIV.b

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  • Filoli Gardens Logo



    Filoli is dedicated to the preservation, interpretation, and stewardship of the cultural traditions and natural history of this country estate for public education and enjoyment. The school programs offer standards aligned experiences where students learn about the interdependence of plants, animals, and people; their survival adaptations; Bay Area ecosystems; the Native Americans use of plants and animals, along with how Filoli has been and is a working estate used for agriculture, as a historical home and garden, and nature preserve.


    Grade: ECE/K-23-56-8
    Experience: Indoor Field TripOutdoor Field Trip
    Program Length: 2 Hours
    Cost: FeeFinancial Assistance Available
    EP&C: I.aI.bI.dII.aII.b

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