Advisory Steering Committee

  • The Advisory Steering Committee (ASC) is composed of the superintendent or his/her special education designee from each school district with the Marin County SELPA. The SELPA Director serves as the chairperson of the ASC. ASC serves as the advisory committee to the Operational Steering Committee (OSC) and carries out those functions specified in state law and the local plan. ASC performs duties such as but not limited to the following:

    • Recommend programmatic decisions and decisions regarding the operation of special education in the Marin SELPA;
    • Recommend policies, procedures and financial actions to OSC;
    • Review and recommend needed modification of this agreement and the Local Plan, with input from the Special Education Advisory Committee, to OSC;
    • Provide program/services and coordination within the SELPA so at to assure the availability of appropriate special education to all eligible individuals with disabilities;
    • Review and recommend all procedural handbooks developed for us in the Marin SELPA to OSC; and
    • Recognize the importance of mutual cooperation and the value of parent input, by encouraging the Special Education Advisory Committee to send a nonvoting liaison to the ASC.