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Juvenile Court School


  • County Boards of Education administer and operate Juvenile Court Schools as authorized by Education Code Sections 48645-48645.6. The Marin County Office of Education Juvenile Court classroom, known as Loma Alta School, provides daily instruction during the regular school year and a summer session for all incarcerated youth in Marin County. Instruction in this self-contained classroom is focused on the California Content Standards. Coursework can be tailored for high school students from local districts based on an evaluation of the student's transcript.

    SARC - Juvenile Court School

    *Should you wish to receive a printed copy of the School Accountability Report Card for this program, please contact
    Education Services: 415-499-5870 or


    Juvenile Hall Final SARC 2017-2018 in 2018-2019


    For more information, contact:

    Katy Foster

    Marin County Office of Education

    1111 Las Gallinas Avenue
    PO Box 4935
    San Rafael, CA 94913
    Phone: 415-491-0581