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Additional Services

Compass Academy is an alternative elementary/middle/high school for students with underlying mental health or emotional struggles. The goal is to provide educational support to enable the student to return to a more traditional school environment. We utilize a therapeutic model that focuses on helping students manage emotions and make positive choices.  Compass Academy is a comprehensive learning environment with intensive mental health support. Classroom sizes are small. Students at Compass Academy learn the skills necessary to thrive in the public school environment. The program description is as follows:

  • Promote positive socialization

  • Develop pro-social coping skills

  • Facilitate behavior management

  • Foster growth and success in academic skills

Compass Academy serves students from Marin County in grades K-12. Students are referred to Compass Academy through their home school districts.

Students complete their core academic subjects through both teacher-instructed and self-paced curriculum. Individualized computer-aided instruction allows students to research, learn, and enhance their academic ability. Compass Academy staff provides individual, group, and behavioral counseling. Students also participate in therapeutic social skills and life skills curriculum.

Compass Academy students will receive academic and other services based on need.  Compass Academy offers a comprehensive educational program and therapeutic services, including individual, group, and family counseling. In addition, speech-language and occupational therapy may be provided. This is dependent on the IEP services.



The Visual Impairment (VI) program provides services and learning resources for students from 3 to 22 years old who meet the eligibility criteria for VI. Visual Impairment support may range from daily intervention for students with intense needs – Braille users or very low vision students, for example – to monthly consultation for students who require less assistance.  These itinerant services are provided in a manner similar to those described above for students with hearing impairments.


The Workability Program provides comprehensive pre-employment skills training, employment placement, and follow-up for students in special education who are making the transition from school to work, independent living, and post-secondary training. The program offers students receiving special education that supports the opportunity to complete their secondary education while also obtaining marketable job skills, school credits, and income at employment sites offered by the local business community.