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Human Trafficking & Exploitation

AB 1227, approved on October 7, 2017, is also known as the Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act. This law requires that each school district train county leadership, administrators and educators to identify children that have been or may be at risk of being exploited and how to proceed when potential victims are identified. It also requires that schools teach California’s school age population how to avoid becoming victims of exploitation at least once in junior high school or middle school, and at least once in high school.

SB 1104, Pupil Safety: Human Trafficking Prevention Resources, goes into effect January 1, 2020 and requires that schools serving students grades 6 through 12 inclusive identify the most appropriate methods of informing parents and guardians human trafficking prevention resources.

Resources to Meet AB 1227 Requirements

Human Trafficking Prevention Protocols and Resources List for Schools

First page of the PDF file: 312019MarinCountyHumanTraffickingProtocolandResourceListforEducators