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Crisis Response

Marin County Schools Crisis Response Prevention and Postvention Protocols Training

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Crisis Response: Suicide Prevention & Postvention Protocols (Manual)

A crisis of any kind, but especially one that results in harm or the death of a young person, is exceptionally stressful and traumatic. Sadly, Marin County, like innumerable communities across the country, has experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a student. It is impossible to overstate the long-term devastation these deaths have on the entire community.

This document is designed to be used by school officials. Our hope is that this resource will help guide schools by promoting thoughtful discussion about prevention, as well as careful planning and preparation to minimize stress and create conditions to keep people safe in the case of crisis. We also hope these protocols open discussion and provide reassurance to our parent/guardian/school community that the safety and well-being of children is our first priority.  

The most relevant existing literature and resources related to suicide prevention and postvention have been reviewed and compiled to provide best practice guidance and practical tools for school officials. This document is designed to be dynamic and will be continually edited and updated to ensure the most current practices are in place. This work product would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of concerned community organizations including Marin County schools, Department of Health and Human Services, and Kaiser Permanente. 


The Crisis Response Flow Chart below provides step by step information in response to a postvention crisis.

Crisis Response: Protocol Appendices

Marin County BHRS and MCOE Resource Guide: Local Grief Support and Resources

The resource guide below provides a brief overview of grief support groups, books and guides, and general information for text lines and warm lines.