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LGBTQ+ Support

Supporting LGBTQ+ students is crucial for creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment.  By supporting LGBTQ+ students, schools can create a positive and inclusive culture that benefits everyone. It's not just about being "LGBTQ+-friendly" – it's about creating a culture of acceptance, respect, and understanding that prepares all students for success in life.

The Spahr Center, in collaboration with the Marin County Office of Education and through CalHOPE Grant funding, developed recorded virtual workshops discussing the best practices for creating inclusive environments for the Marin County LGBTQ+ student community. These module-based recordings can be viewed at one's own pace. Utilizing the LGBTQ+ Toolkit Curriculum, participants will learn how to become an active ally and implement inclusive practices and strategies to support LGBTQ+ students. The curriculum offers lesson plans, presentations and resources with hands-on guidance on advocating for all.

Workshop Materials

Toolkits and Video Modules