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Student Wellness Ambassador Program (SWAP)

What is SWAP?

The Student Wellness Ambassador Program (SWAP) is a county-wide response to the growing mental health and wellness needs of young people in Marin County. Marin has many great mental health and wellness resources, yet not every student has access or knows where to go for mental health and wellness support. SWAP aims to close the gap and expand community and school-based support to improve youth mental health and wellbeing, to deepen student connectedness with schools, and to normalize discussions about mental health and wellness.

What makes SWAP innovative?

Equity, collaboration, belonging, and positive youth development are at the center of SWAP. The program is a youth-led, equity-focused, and centralized approach to normalize talking about mental health, improve outcomes for youth of color and LGBTQ+ youth, and enhance youth resiliency and coping skills. Middle and high school Student Wellness Ambassadors are equipped to connect their peers with helpful resources and implement culturally responsive mental health and wellness activities on campus and in the community.

Students Wellness Ambassadors and adult allies on their campus receive ongoing tools, resources, training, and community support to develop and implement school site action plans and connect peers to trusted resources.

Where is SWAP located?

SWAP is active in seven school districts:

  • Bolinas-Stinson Union School District
  • Lagunitas School District
  • Larkspur-Corte Madera School District
  • Novato Unified School District
  • Ross Valley School District
  • San Rafael City Schools Elementary and High School Districts
  • Shoreline Unified School District

Who does SWAP partner with?

SWAP’s success relies on partnership with numerous organizations to provide resources and training to SWAs and their adult allies. Current partners include:

  • Bambini Yoga Project

  • Equity and Wellness Institute

  • Marin County Cooperation Team

  • Mindful Life Project

  • Peer Advocates Training and Consulting

  • Restrictive Practices Meditation

  • Youth Leadership Institute

  • Youth Transforming Justice

How is SWAP funded?

SWAP receives funding from the County of Marin’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Mental Health Services Act Grant.


For more information about our SWAP program, please contact Kristen Law.

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