• Integrating Nutrition Education into the Classroom

    The following video was developed to educate teachers, administrators and staff about the benefits of incorporating nutrition education and physical activity into the school day and to provide guidance about best practices for classroom nutrition education.
    Video Training Section Description
    (13:08 minutes)
    Part 1 provides background data on current student eating and activity patterns and evidence-based research showing a strong link between dietary intake, physical activity patterns, health education offerings in schools and students health and academic performance.
    (Source: Network Training Resource - The Link between Nutrition and Physical Activity and Academic Achievement 
    (4:52 minutes)
    Part 2 reviews best practices in health education.   The rationale for the adoption of the California Health Education Content Standards in (March 2008) is discussed as well as how to the use these standards to identify and build effective nutrition lessons that help students develop important skills that promote the adoption of lifelong positive health attitudes and behaviors.
    (Source: Network Training Resource - Standards-Based Nutrition Education Training)
    (7:34 minutes)
    Part 3 discusses ways to weave nutrition education into the school day and specifically how to effectively integrate the development of important nutrition skills into the core subjects of science, math and language arts.  The steps for skills development are reviewed and examples of model integrated lessons are shown and evaluated. 
    (Source: Network Training Resource - Skills Density Training, Weaving Nutrition into the School Day Training and Linking Science and Nutrition Curriculum)
    Suggested questions for school group discussions:
    o   How have you and/or your colleagues effectively integrated nutrition and physical activity into the school day and core   
    o   How could you improve integration of nutrition and physical activity into the school day?
    o   How could you improve integration of nutrition and physical activity into core curriculum?
    o   How could you use information from this video to build partnerships with groups and organizations that support nutrition
        and physical activity in schools such as school food service, the PTA and other groups in the community?