Labor Market Information

  • Labor Market Information (LMI) is employment data used to project emerging occupational trends, wages and salaries, and employment gaps in a region. The LMI tool described below can be used by students, parents, and school staff when engaging in college and career planning. 


    Please see the directions below on how to use the Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet, which has been provided by the California Community Colleges Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research. Data Source: CA Employment Development Department's Labor Market Information Division (EDD/LMID), long-term (10-year) Occupational Employment Projections for California and substate areas. 


    If you don't have Excel on your computer, you may find Labor Market Reports at this link.

    Download the Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet*

    Once you click on the link above, scroll down and download the "Occupational Projections - Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet" 

    Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet

    For instructions on how to use the Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet, watch this 5-minute Demand Table Instructional Video, or see the directions below.

    Instructions for Using the Labor Market Demand Spreadsheet

    ** Once your sheet is downloaded, make sure to enable editing! 

    1. Location: Select the location of the LMI Data you are interested in viewing. 

    For example: Region = Bay Area, SubRegion = North Bay, County = Marin

    LMI Location Selections


    2. Major Occupation GroupWhen selecting a group, the relevant occupations will show up at the top of the Occupation selections window. The same is true for the Skill selection window. 

    occupation group filters


    3. Reviewing DataThe filtered results will exhibit education level, employment growth, annual job openings, and wage/salary data for each position.

    single entry LMI results

    In order to make multiple selections per window, hold down the 'shift' key and make the selection. This is helpful to show more than one Occupation within a Major Occupation Group.

    Multiple entry LMI results

    Additional instructions can be downloaded here or in the Document Viewer below.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.