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Education Services

Project Based Learning Collaborative (PBLC) Cohort 13 CAMSP Grant

Shoreline Unified School District, with the assistance of the Marin County Office of Education, has been awarded the Project Based Learning Collaborative (PBLC) Cohort 13 CAMSP Grant, a California Math and Science Partnership Grant for $350,000 per year for three years. It is an opportunity for Science and Math teachers in grades 6 - 12 to participate in professional development with: expert project based learning faculty from the Buck Institute, Scientists from the UC Museum of Paleontology, staff from the California Academy of Sciences, Educators from Dominican University and the College of Marin.  The purpose of the grant is to deepen teacher understanding of both Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Math Practices.  Teachers will engage in 60 hours of intensive workshops each year and 24 hours of follow-up workshops. 


California Gold Ribbon Schools Award

Thirteen eligible Marin County schools have submitted at Intent to Apply for the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award. Click here to view a list of schools that have applied.  Applications for the award must be postmarked on or before November 20, 2015. 


Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

The annual Golden Bell Awards Ceremony will be held May 26, 2016 at 4:30p.m. at Dominican University's Angelico Hall.  In addition to Certificated Teachers and Annual Awards, community partners, local businesses and volunteers will be honored.


ELA/ELD Instructional Materials

The State Board of Education is planning to hold a public hearing to receive comments regarding ELA/ELD Instructional Materials for grades K-8 before action is taken on the recommendation, scheduled for November 4 -5, 2015. There is no state-led adoption of instructional materials for grades nine through twelve, as Local Education Agencies (LEAs) have the sole responsibility and authority to adopt materials for those students.


Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project

The Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project reaches out to Asian and Pacific Islander youth in California to build on their understanding of what it means to be Asian and Pacific Islander American students in today's culturally and ethnically diverse society.  Fifty juniors and seniors will be selected from statewide applicants to participate in the conference on March 17-20, 2016 in Sacramento.  Please share information about this conference to all interested students.


Academic Accountability Unit

The Academic Accountability Unit at the California Department of Education has confirmed that this year the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) will be calculated based on:

  • Participation Rate – 95%
  • Attendance – 90% (elementary and middle school only)
  • Graduation Rate – 90% (high school only)

Schools and Districts may enter Program Improvement (PI) based upon these AYP criteria.  More information on that in the June 15th letter Click here for more information from the June 15th letter..  AYP will not include performance on the assessments, and there is no Academic Performance Index (API) this year.