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Career Technical Education

UCCI Institute for Marin County

UCCI Institute for Marin County will be offered at the Marin County Office of Education, January 28-30, 2016.  At the UCCI Institute, teachers collaborate in the development of innovative high school Career Technical Education (CTE) courses that integrate academic subjects such as English, history and mathematics with the content and skills of various career technical education sectors. The results are CTE courses that meet the University of California "A-G" requirements.

Institute expenses, including substitute teacher coverage, will be paid through the Career Pathways Grant.  District/school commitments will include release time for "teacher teams" that will be developing the courses on January 29 and January 30, 2016.

California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG)

The California Department of Education (CDE) has announced the availability $400 million in funding from the California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG).  The goal is to provide pupils in K-12 with the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to employment and postsecondary education.  $400 million in funding will be available in 2015-16, $300 million in 2016-17 and $200 million in 2017-18.


As with prior CTE Grant opportunities, such as School to Career and Career Pathways, Marin County Office of Education will take the lead in developing a countywide consortium application for funding.  Using the successful Career Pathways model, input and support from district administrators will be needed during this process