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2013-14 BTSA Funding and District Impact

MCOE has operated the Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment (BTSA) program for a number of years and plans to continue to provide this valuable resource to our new teachers.  Although, over time the funding for the BTSA program specifically has been discontinued.  Due to the shifting of funds, the MCOE notified districts in 2013-14 that there will be a phase out of the BTSA subsidy program.

In 2013-14 districts received a $2,000 subsidy per new teacher.  In 2014-15, that amount will be reduced to $1,000 per new teacher and a registration fee to enroll in the BTSA program will be instituted.  The 2015-16 subsidy amount will be reduced to $500.  Beginning in 2016-17, the district subsidy will be discontinued.