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Information Services - Broadband Infrastructure Grants

Broadband Infrastructure Grants

The School Site Eligibility List (SSEL) is now available on the K12HSN website.  Several school sites were reported by Marin School districts to be eligible for Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grants. Please review the SSEL to confirm the schools are on the list.  Please note that sites included on the SSEL, in addition to sites seeking consideration and not on the list, will need to follow the Self-Nomination steps and provide their site information. This will be the first step in the validation process.

If a school district believes they have one or more school sites that may qualify for the grant funds and are not included in the SSEL, they have an opportunity to self-nominate by September 30, 2014.

There are two required steps. LEAs wishing to secure funding are encouraged to self-nominate early to ensure they have enough time to complete the validation step by September 30.

Please make sure you review the Self-Nomination Step-By-Step Instructions.

Self-nominated sites that meet eligibility requirements and sites initially included in the list will go through the same validation process to ensure they do not have sufficient network capacity to implement testing in the Spring of 2015.

The above information was sent to the Countywide Technology Committee on September 2nd.