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Glossary of Acronyms for November

ASQ - ​Ages & Stages Questionnaire

​BAS - ​Business Administration Scale

CCSDO - County Committee on School District Organization

​CD - ​Child Development

​CDE - ​California Department of Education

​CLASS - ​Classroom Assessment Scoring System

CLC - Countywide Learning Collaborative

​COM - ​College of Marin

CSEA - California Schools Employees Association

​CSEFEL - ​Center on the Social & Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

​CSPP - ​California State Preschool Program

​CST - ​California Standardized Testing

​DRDP - ​Desired Results Developmental Profile

​DS - ​Distinguished Schools

​DSS/CCL - ​Department of Social Services/Child Care Licensing

ECE - Early Childhood Education Project

​ECERS - ​Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale

​ELA/ELD - ​English Language Arts/English Language Development

​ERS - ​Environmental Rating Scales

​EVD - ​Ebola Virus Disease

​EV-D68 - ​Enterovirus D68

​FAPE - ​Free and Appropriate Public Education

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

​FCCERS - ​Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale

​FCCH - ​Family Child Care Home

​FRISK - ​Facts Rule Impact Suggestions Knowledge

​ITEKS - ​Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale

JLAC - Joint Legislative Action Committee

LCAP - Local Control and Accountability Plan

LCFF - Local Control Funding Formula

Marinovators - Marin's Version of Maker Day

​MAS - ​Marin Association of Superintendents

M&O - Maintenance and Operations

MCDC - Municipality Continuing Disclosure Cooperation

MCF - Marin Community Foundation

​MCOE - ​Marin County Office of Education

MCSBA - Marin County School Boards Association

MSNO - Marin School Nurses Organization

​NGSS - ​Next Generation Science Standards

​NIEER - ​National Institute of Early Education Research

​OHS - ​Office of Head Start

​PARS - ​Program Assessment Rating Scale

​PAS - ​Program Administration Scale

​PD - ​Professional Development

​PEL - ​Preschool English Learner

​PITC - ​Program for Infant-Toddler Care

PK – 3 - Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 3

​QCF - ​Quality Continuum Framework

​QRIS - ​Quality Rating and Improvement System

ROP - Regional Occupational Program

​Rurals - ​Lincoln, Laguna Joint, and Union Joint School Districts

SARB - School Attendance Review Board

SBAC - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

SBE - State Board of Education

SEC - Security Exchange Commission

SLEP - Marin County School and Law Enforcement Partnership

​SSPI - ​State Superintendent of Public Instruction

STC - School to Career Partnership

​TRM - ​Tiered Rating Matrix