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Personnel - HealthCare Private Exchange Discussion with Mercer

Private Exchange

The Private Exchange discussion was held for Marin Superintendents on October 22nd.  In the meeting, the group discussed the general concepts of the Exchange and then specifically how Mercer’s private exchange (Mercer Marketplace) could offer benefit options and administrative coordination to the Districts.  Discussion focused on several concepts such as: can choice of carrier be provided, administrative capabilities, potential of who would participate.

Several follow up items were identified:

  1. Would Mercer Marketplace offer more than just Kaiser.  Mercer to informally request a response from carriers.
  2. Should this program be outlined to all participating Districts within MSIA?
  3. Can we create a larger pool of lives including other government entities within Marin County?
  4. It was requested that we have further detailed discussion on administrative support features.

The group also discussed the need to seek alternatives in addition to Mercer Marketplace.

Next steps will be determined after districts consider these and any other options for health care.