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General - LCAP Review Pilots

The LCAP Review Team met with administration teams from both San Rafael City Schools and Mill Valley School Districts.  These two districts volunteered to pilot a technical review of their 2014-15 LCAPs; gathered feedback from districts; and discussed next steps for the support and LCAP approval process going forward.  These meetings were scheduled for 90 minutes and were designed to inform and assist districts as they move into the second year of LCAP implementation and to help frame the direction for the support and approval process in 2015-16, and beyond.  The following summary highlights the process and feedback.

  1. Technical review of 2014-15 LCAP
    • A technical review summary was provided
    • During both district discussions the backup documentation that formed the summary was provided
  2. Feedback from districts on technical review document
    • Both districts recommended all districts receive the backup documentation 
  3. Moving forward:  Revised LCAP Template and LCFF regulations, support and trainings
    • Requests for PLC opportunities throughout the year to share their LCAP update process
    • Requests for mid year reviews of LCAP drafts
    • Expressed desire for differentiated training support around LCAP goals and for MCOE to facilitate and coordinate these trainings across the county
    • Expressed desire for support in developing protocols for serving foster youth students and integrating those protocols into actions and services within their LCAPs

All districts are invited to meet with the Review Team to receive and give this same kind of individualized feedback on  2014-15 LCAPs.