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Education Services - SB 1266 Stock EpiPens

On January 1, 2015, SB 1266 Stock EpiPens goes into effect.  This law requires Districts to stock four EpiPens at every site in case a student or staff member has an anaphylactic reaction without a prior history of severe allergy. Currently, staff are trained to administer the EpiPen to a student who has a known allergy and has his/her EpiPen in the school office and/or classroom.

On Jan. 13th Dr. Tam will be providing a workshop to the Marin County Nurses Organization (MSNO) and any interested parties regarding the use of EpiPens and the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.  The training will be videotaped and shared with MSNO to use locally in their districts to train volunteers on using EpiPens.