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Information Services - Rescheduled Migration Date to the New QSS Financial System

The migration to the new QSS payroll, personnel, and financial system was scheduled for January 5, 2015. Marin COE Information Services has been working closely with QSS to prepare to switch to the new system on that date. Our goal was to make sure that the new system was thoroughly tested, met our performance requirements, and that all components of the system were 100% functional prior to January 5. After a thorough review of the system's performance, we have determined that the system is not ready to migrate on January 5.

Dane Lancaster, Senior Director Information Technology, provided an update to district business officials at their December 10 meeting and reported that it was very likely that the new QSS system would not be fully vetted and tested by January 5. On December 16 an email was sent to all district QSS users notifying them that the migration date was being rescheduled.    

The decision to reschedule the migration to a later date will not impact your district's QSS users or business operations in any way. We anticipate that the new system will be operational by mid to late January 2015. When this is confirmed, Marin COE and district business officials will identify a new migration date.

If you have any questions regarding the QSS migration, please contact Dane Lancaster at or (415) 499-5847.