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Education Services - February - Transitional Kindergarten Support

Senate Bill 858 (Chapter 32, Statutes of 2014), approved by the Governor June 20, 2014, made the following changes to EC 48000 related to Transitional Kindergarten. 

  • It is the intent of the Legislature that TK curriculum be aligned to CDE's California Preschool Learning Foundations
  • By August 1, 2020, teachers assigned to TK classrooms must have one of the following:
    1. At least 24 units in early childhood education, or child development, or both.
    2. As determined by the LEA employing the teacher, professional experience in a classroom setting with preschool age children that is comparable to the 24 units of education described in item 1.
    3. A child development permit issued by the CTC.
  • EC 48000
  • Senate Bill 858 – TK information on pages 43-44
  • California Preschool Learning Foundations