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JLAC February 2015 Meeting and Legislative Update

Jeff Frost participated by conference call and provided a legislative report including an update on the 2014-2105 Budget Trailer Bill, School Facilities/Bond, Budget Reserve Cap, and other current legislative issues.  Here are some updates and links to resources regarding items discussed at the meeting.


School Facilities and School Bond


Jeff discussed the bill by Senator Carol Liu that would suspend the California High School Exit Exam.  The article on the link below provides the Senator's rationale for a suspension, and ultimately an elimination, of this exam.  Jeff will monitor this bill as it moves through the legislative process.

Budget Reserve Cap

The Committee briefly discussed the Legislative Analyst report on the budget reserve cap.  The report, which is attached, lays out problems that could be brought on by this cap being triggered and calls for a full repeal.

CSBA is continuing to lead the effort for a legislative repeal of the cap and is working with a number of legislators on the introduction of a bill.  It would be helpful for every district governing board to approve a resolution in support of a repeal and send that to CSBA. Click here to view a draft of the resolution.

2015 Legislative Action Day Review

The group discussed the January 21, 2015 JLAC day in Sacramento.  Key discussion points included:

  • Consider an orientation meeting for new trustees and for the students to recap the major issues that will be discussed on the Legislative Action Day agenda
  • Continue to involve students.  Clearly a highpoint for the day.
  • Consider a later date if it would mean we are engaging policymakers and legislators during budget debates and hearings.

Career and Job Skills Education Act

Carole Mills reported that Senator Mike McGuire (Marin-Sonoma), has co-authored SB148 – The Career and Job Skills Education Act.  The Act would appropriate $600 million to an incentive grant program supporting Career Technical Education (CTE) programs operated by schools, ROP's and joint power authorities.  This funding would be in addition to the $250 million allocation to CTE in the Governor's 2015-16 proposed budget.