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Coordinated Countywide School Transportation Study

At the last Superintendent's Day meeting, Robert Betts, Marin County Transit District, provided an update concerning the countywide coordinated school transportation study.  As he discussed, further data on current conditions was collected and the final version of the plan has been presented.  The Coordinated Countywide School Transportation Study School will be used to identify successful transportation programs, costs/revenue sources, and suggest modifications to existing programs.  Recommendations will be high level but will take into account the school profile, topography, and safety.  There will be an opportunity to collect data from school districts where information is still needed.  Mr. Betts has provided a list of those schools and they are being directly contact by Mike Grant, MCOE Coordinator, and Wendi Kallins, Safe Route to Schools, to assist with the data gathering in quick and concise way.  Superintendents whose school are being contacted will be copied on the correspondence. Below you'll find additional resources.