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Health and Wellness - Required Immunizations

Required Immunizations - Don't Forget to Follow-up on Conditional Entrants

Students are required to have certain immunizations prior to admission to school or child care in California unless they have a valid documented exemption.  Students may be admitted conditionally if they:

  • Have received some but not all required immunization doses and are not due for any required vaccine dose at the time of entry per CCR, Title 17, Section 6035, Table 2.  Please note that all due doses must be received before admission of a pupil and may not be delayed for conditional admission. 

Continued attendance after conditional admission depends upon receipt of the remaining required doses within the schedule outlined in CCR, Title 17, Section 6035, Table 2. Records must be reviewed every 30 days until that pupil has received all required immunizations. Any immunizations received subsequent to conditional admission shall be entered in the pupil's immunization record.

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