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LCAP - CTA and the LCAP

Rick Willis invited me to speak to the Marin County CTA Presidents about the COE LCAP Approval process on June 1st.  When I received the invitation, I reached out to other DBOs to include them in this invitation.  In the end, I spoke to the group alone and provided copies of the CCSESA LCAP Approval Manual for 2015-16. I provided an overview of what constitutes a COE's LCAP approval:  1) Adherence to the SBE Template, 2) Sufficient expenditures in the budget to support the LCAP, and 3) adherence to the Supplemental and Concentration grants spending regulations.  Not surprisingly, the CTA presidents asked what MCOE would be looking for with respect to consultation with bargaining units.  I referred them to the checklists in the back of the LCAP Approval Manual for how COEs will determine approval.  The group asked a lot of questions about the LCAP development process, specifically their role in that process.  I responded by saying each district is unique and this reflects the local control nature of the LCAP and that the COE does not dictate this nor does code.  I reinforced that code only requires that districts "consult" with bargaining units.  They asked what remedies they have if they are unhappy with the development process in their LCAP.  I pointed out that code provides for a Uniform Complaint Procedure for LCAPs and that each district has a LCAP UCP policy but encouraged them to work with their districts during the development process and to begin this involvement early in the year.