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Teacher Evaluation Bills

Urge State Senators and Assembly Members to Vote "No" on Teacher Evaluation Bills

On Friday, June 5, is the deadline for each house of the State Legislature to pass bills from their house of origin.  For example, Assembly bills must pass the Assembly by this Friday.

Two important teacher evaluation bills will come up for a vote this week on their respective floors—SB 499 (Liu) in the full Senate and AB 575 (O'Donnell) in the full Assembly.  That means every state legislator will have a chance this week to vote on the critical issue of expanding the scope of collective bargaining to include teacher evaluation standards.  Please contact the members of the Assembly who represent your county and urge them to vote "no" on AB 575.  Similarly, please contact members of the Senate from your county and urge them to vote "no" on SB 499.  To be effective, it is important to make these contacts no later than Wednesday of this week.

The CA County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) distributed the following materials to inform and assist with contacting legislators regarding these bills: