The USGS Water Science School

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is proud to announce a revised Web-based water-science education tool, The USGS Water Science School, where students (of any age) and adults (of any age) can learn all about water, from what it is, to where and how much there is, to the most in-depth discussions of the natural water cycle anywhere. Please pass our pages onto science teachers and any others you know interested in water-science education.

What is Water Science School? See Flyer in PDF format here


The Water Science School offers several main topic areas:

  • Water Basics
  • Water Properties
  • Natural Water Cycle (Posters and information in over 60 languages!)
  • Surface Water
  • Groundwater
  • Water Quality
  • Water Use
  • Activity Center
  • Photo Galleries
  • Water Q&A
  • Teacher Resources
  • Water Dictionary