Posted by Marin's Community School on 8/22/2020 9:00:00 AM

Dear MCS Community,

We wanted to convey our deep sadness and anger about the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, George Floyd; and all of the effects of structural violence that black communities and other communities of color are faced with every day.

We unequivocally stand in solidarity with the black community, and are here in support of our families, colleagues, and community partners that are dedicated to seeking justice and to disrupting the system of white supremacy that has led to some tragic outcomes for black people, and all people of color, in this country. We can’t say the system is broken – it was designed decades ago to get the results it does and has succeeded perfectly.

Being in community with our students, families, and staff has been a large part of our learning, as white school leaders, how to be allies and advocates in this fight for justice. We still have a lot to learn, and most certainly have made missteps in the process. We will keep striving for a different reality with continued action, reflection, and support.

Our school’s centering purpose is found in the Mayan philosophy In Lak’ech, and a poem written by Luis Valdez.

In Lak'ech, 
Katy and Erin

If you would like to view the full letter in a digital format, click the link (PDF).

In Lak'ech by/escrito por Luis Valdez

Tú eres mi otro yo.
You are my other me.

Si te hago daño at ti
If I do harm to you,

Me hago daño a mí mismo.
I do harm to myself.

Si te amo y respeto,
If I love and respect you,

Me amo y respeto yo.
I love and respect myself.